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The Nation’s Largest Greek Orthodox Wedding and Baptismal Store
The Nation’s Largest Greek Orthodox Wedding and Baptismal Store

About Our Company

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Blessed Celebration is committed to excellence. We have earned notable reviews from leading Greek Orthodox organizations as well as from many customers. We work with a number of Orthodox priests to make sure our products adhere to Orthodox tradition. We welcome your feedback as well as requests for custom work.

Blessed Celebration was born in 2000 out of the warm Austin Greek Orthodox community. Owner, Christine Parlamis - who is 100% Greek - began the company when baptizing her Goddaughter and was unable to find quality Orthodox baptismal products easily. Committed to the religious tradition, she partnered with an Orthodox seamstress and multiple Orthodox suppliers to serve the Eastern Orthodox community with impeccable products. The company has grown to be the leading supplier of baptismal and wedding supplies in the U.S. and Canada.

Christine is godmother to 7 and a mother to 4. She runs the company in her home-state of NJ. Contact:



Giorgios Skevofilax, a Greek Orthodox from Ethiopia, and his wife, Teresa, a seamstress, run the Austin, TX shop.