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The Nation’s Largest Greek Orthodox Wedding and Baptismal Store
The Nation’s Largest Greek Orthodox Wedding and Baptismal Store
Opa Bodysuit

The Omnipresent OPA!

"Opa!" is one of the most popular expression in the Greek lexicon.  It is a word of celebration, good cheer, joy, and enthusiasm.  It can also be used to express surprise, worry, disbelief, or concern.   Opa encapsulates warmth and compassion for life.  An Opa! declared over a broken item can mean ‘Hey, accidents happen, big deal, life is too short to worry about this unimportant matters’.  An Opa! exclaimed at a celebration can mean “This is the important stuff - life is short - celebrate.”

The Blessed Celebration Guide to Types of Opas:

Applause Opa

  • You lost 20 pounds and your cousins get their first glance at you.  OPA!

Joy Opa

  • Your friend just told you she is pregnant.  OPA!

Worry Opa

  • Papou is going in for some important health tests.  OPA!

Don’t Worry Opa

  • You shattered a glass all over the kitchen floor - OPA!

Displeasure Opa

  • The elevator doors get closed on you face. OPA!

Wait Up Opa

  • You exit a store but forget your purchases. OPA!

Disapproval Opa

  • Someone walks into a group dressed inappropriately. Opa, Opa.

Disbelief Opa

  • You find out your kid has gotten into a playground fight. OPA!

Pain Opa

  • You stepped on my foot. OPA!

Stop Opa

  • You’re about to crack your head on that cabinet door. OPA!

Surprise Opa

  • Your long lost friend walks into the room.  OPA!

Celebrate Opa

  • You’re going big on the dance floor and your friends are cheering you on.  OPA!

Acknowledgement Opa 

  • You announce you won’t be home for dinner.  OPA!

Encouragement Opa

  • Your kid is headed into his first soccer game.  OPA!

Accomplishment Opa

  • You booked your flight to Greece finally.  OPA!

You’re the Best Opa

  • You walk into a party and hand your friend his favorite bottle of wine.  OPA!


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