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The Nation’s Largest Greek Orthodox Wedding and Baptismal Store
The Nation’s Largest Greek Orthodox Wedding and Baptismal Store

Easter Candles

The Greek Easter candle - Pascha candle - is a traditional decorated candle held on Holy Saturday before Orthodox Easter (Anastasi). The Paschal candle is lit at midnight symbolizing the resurrection of Jesus bringing Jesus' light to all. It is customary for Godparents to gift an Easter lambada to their Godchild.

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Pascha Candles. Pascha Easter Candles are used in churches in celebration of the Easter Vigil at the Resurrection Service - midnight mass. The candles are used in the ceremonial lighting at midnight. At the Vigil at midnight, the church becomes totally dark representing the tomb of Jesus. The only light comes from an oil candle at the holy altar. A "new fire" is lit and blessed by the priest. The one blessed flame represents the light of Christ coming into the world. The singular flame is then passed parishioner to parishioner and the church becomes lit up with Christ’s light. The tomb is carried outside and around the church (or designated area) three times. Parishioners follow the priest with their lit candles Christ is Risen and the light is a symbol of life trampling upon death (the darkness). “The light of Christ, rising in Glory, dispels the darkness of our hearts and minds.”